Tuesday, 22 November 2011

samdugan3@gmail.com info@cbn.net = Scam

Dear Beneficiary This is to inform you that your International Benefit Tax Interest fee has been paid for your collection by the United Nation Payment Commission. Your fund total $5000.00USD has been payed to you via http://secureptv.com electronically payment. Find below your payment access code:850103019327661429651301390215 payment site: http://secureptv.com. Note: you are to access your payment by logging in to your payment site http://secureptv.com with your access code 850103019327661429651301390215. Note: If you are among those beneficiary that has not send to us your processing fee which is $200.00USD payable to us via western union money transfer with the admin collecting officer name stated below you will not be able to claim your fund unless you get back to us with your processing fee with the payment information stated below : Receivers Name: James Mike Receivers Address: Lagos Nigeria Amount: $200.00USD Only Test Question: White Test Answer: Green Note: If you are a beneficiary that is just sending his/her processing fee to us, you are to get back to us with your processing fee payment before 48 hours of receiving this notification and also with a re-confirmation of your information stated below so that it can be updated with your payment for your collection. Name: Present Occupation: Telephone: Thank you for your Understanding.

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