Wednesday, 23 November 2011 = Scam

Job Listing: OIL AND GAS PART-TIME JOB OFFER LUKOIL Oil Company. LUK oil Lubricant Company. LUKOIL,is one of the worlds largest oil companies, operates on the principle "From the Wellhead Down to the Gas Station” meaning that it is active in oil production,refining,wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products. LUKOIL currently produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum and gas products and petrochemicals, selling them via wholesale and retail in over 30 countries. Due to the massive increase of orders from various countries we are looking for a trustworthy representative in your country that can help as a link between the Company and our clients worldwide. Would you be willing to work from home for us? Your job would be online and would not require you to leave your present employment. This is a great oppurtunity to work from home and get paid weekly. We are glad to offer you a Part-Time job position at LUKOIL oil Company. * You do not need to have an Office and this certainly will not affect your present job. * The average weekly income is about $500 - $1000 (For New recruiters) * No form of investments from you. * This job takes only about 1 to 3 hours of your time in a week. If interested email full name,contact details or resume to: Email: You will then be provided with basic information and guidelines on how to commence your job with us. Have a nice day. Signed: Raymond Newbold (Recruitment Officer)

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