Monday, 9 December 2013

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Be informed that all the fees you are supposed to pay before receiving your contract /Inheritance fund have been waived off.
THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND(IMF)/WORLD BANK HAS GRANTED,APPROVED AND RELEASED FUND TO OFFSET ALL OVER DUE FOREIGN PAYMENTS IN THIS FINANCIAL FISCAL YEAR 2013,This decision was taken after the annual International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank (WB) summit held on the 12th-15th of November 2013,the Anti Fraud Unit of the United Nations is assigned to monitor this payment closely to ensure the abandoned funds floating in the international financial database is released to beneficiaries without exploitation.

This decision was taken to avoid experiences of incessant Fraud, illegal extortion of money from Contractors and to enhance transparency. This will also help you not to be deceived by any person telling you that your funds will be transferred via KTT or bring to you at your doorstep through a diplomat. This has been widely warned in the internet but people are still falling victim.

You are being contacted because your name and email is among the list of beneficiaries shortlisted to receive their part payment via ATM card as officially approved under the supervision of United Kingdom representative office of the International Monetary Fund.This decision was amicably agreed and signed as it is the most secured way to receive fund of such magnitude to help stabilize the various economy of the world and reduce the effect of depressing/recession. If you the beneficiary would adhere to this notification and keep every information of your payment stated herein secret.

However your approved part payment of $6.5M has been loaded in an ATM card which has been forwarded/deposited with Fedex Courier Company.So contact Fedex Courier Company,Tincan Island branch Lagos immediately you receive this message to claim your parcel.

Your parcel Deposit # is FCS61530EHD.Parcel Colour is Brown.

For your information,IMF have paid for the delivery Charge,Insurance premium and Clearance Certificates of the parcel which shows that the money loaded in the Atm Card as contained in the parcel is not for Drug purpose or meant to sponsor Terrorism in your Country.

The only money you need to pay to FedEx Courier management Tincan Island now to ship your parcel to you in your country is only $150 which is their official Security Keeping Fee.Do not pay any other money except the $150 as IMF have already settled other charges on your behalf.I even wanted to pay for the Security Keeping Fee but Fedex Courier management said No because they do not know when exactly you will contact them for the delivery,in case of contact Fedex Admin manager now with below information for immediate delivery of your parcel to you.

Contact Name: Mrs Florence Baker.
Position: Admin Officer Fedex Courier Service.
Address: Plot 521 Keffi Layout Tincan Island Lagos.

When contacting Fedex admin officer,make sure you quote the above deposit number of your parcel which is,FCS61530EHD,as well as reconfirming Your name,address,Your phone Number and copy of your ID to the manager as it will help them to trace your parcel from their packing store/warehouse to confirm correctness of your claim with your name and number which is written on the parcel as you must provide the information to them to authenticate your claim as required by the Courier company to avoid impersonation or wrong delivery.

Once you pay the Security Keeping fee to the admin officer,the tracking number will be given to you by the manager to enable you track the parcel while on transit to know exactly when it will arrive your door step.

Contact me if there is any delay from the so called Admin Officer in charge.
I repeat,contact the Admin Officer immediately after reading this email to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $150 to enable them airlift your parcel without delay.

Be informed that so many unauthorized individuals do parade themselves as our officials and impose bogus bills on contractors with their syndicates home and abroad.Take precautionary measure henceforth.You have been notified.

Do email me as soon your parcel is delivered to you.

Yours faithfully

Phyllis Kathy Wilson.
Debt clearing/Settlement unit(IMF).

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