Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Email: Telephone number:+23480-8353-0848 = Scam

Good day,

Sorry for the delay in this message, Today Tuesday,we were checking over some files and packages in our office and we discovered an ATM CARD which was addressed on your name, Home address and email (I think it is a winning or inheritance funds) I believe you can remember a dealing that has to do with some cooperate body or individual about this said funds to be delivered to you through an (ATM CARD) but I do not have idea why it was on held in this office up-to-date.

So we contacted the Authorities and they asked us to get in contact with Senator Harry Reid, to figure out what was in the package,After checking over the ATM CARD, we discovered a total sum of $18.5Million through the router figurative machine who checks on balance through the number on a ATM CARD,so we reported back to the authority and we were asked to deliver the package to you from this office as soon as we confirm a payment of $250 which will be clearance fee.We need you to reconfirm the below information as it is on the package we have.

Moreover,this is also to confirm to you that every arrangement to enable your delivery to your country has been completed.The delivery diplomatic Mr. Graduela Journal will move down to your Country in order to deliver the package to your doorstep.Note that as soon as he arrives at airport in your Country he will give you a call immediately to enable you help him to get (Diplomatic Yellow Tag)The yellow tag is required to avoid the customs and other security agents at the airport not search the package, this is in accordance with United Nation's diplomatic delivery act.

{1} Your full name:................
{2} Full Address:.............
{3} Personal telephone number:.................
{4} Occupation:................
{5} Country:.................
{6} Your international passport or any id card if any??

If you want it to be delivered to you immediately, Kindly acknowledge this email by providing the requested information so we can have your package sent for delivery to you.

Mr.Hilary Morgan
Supervisor Manager
For:Airport Shuttle Keeper
Telephone number:+23480-8353-0848

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