Sunday, 15 December 2013

+27603063028 = Scam

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This mail is to inform you of your registered package.CONTENT: Bank
Draft of $900, 000.00 USD registered by an Official of the United
Nation. The Fund is a donation to you from the U.N through e-mails
balloting in affiliation with commonwealth poverty eradication
program.The Sustainable Development Priorities for all over the World
wide is published by UN Humanitarian Programs through UNPD to present
the sustainable development challenges and priorities for the world
region over the next decade.The sustainable development challenges that
have been articulated more recently in global deliberations.

These challenges basically include poverty eradication, the changes in
unsustainable consuming and producing patterns, and other environmental,
social, and economic challenges.Held in South Africa, South Asia and
Europe this areas are highly supported by strengthened implementation
systems.UNEP hopes that the Sustainable Development Priorities for South
Asia would be useful for the government, non-government, private,
regional and international organizations in the pursuit of developing
policies, strategies, and action plans. UNEP gratefully acknowledge the
contribution of organizations, institutes, and individuals in the
preparation of the report, in particular the valuable support and input
provided by Development Alternatives, India.

The report aims to focus on the various strategies, the existing set of
policy initiatives,and implementation to overcome these challenges.For
your information the VAT and COD have been paid and the only money you
will have to pay is the security keeping fee which is $550.00. Do
contact the FedEx with your details:





Delivery address_______

Agent Name: Mr Morgan Roofer
Tel: +27603063028
South Africa.

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