Saturday, 25 June 2011 +22998095084 = Scam

Please your funds has been transfered this afternoon through the help of Mr Samuel James O, we were unable to send the whole of $2,500.000USD, western union says that the maximum transfer per day is $7,000USD and that is what we sent to you today, to continue the rest of the transfer tomorrow morning, also western union demanded that we must pay for the remittance of the check before the release of the pick up information of $7,000USD to you. And this is 69USD which has to be paid through Mr Samuel James O.
They requested that you should write Mr Samuel James O with below email id for both the pick up information and direction on how to send the remittance of the 69USD.
Here is Mr Samuel James O, Email:( ) or call him at +22998095084.
Thank you.
Mr. Daniel Morgan.

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