Monday, 27 June 2011 = Scam


Its was nice to have a Phone conversation with you, firstly i would like to summit my personality before you. i am Dr Smith Attoh.... General manager of the Ghana Task force working together was the {AOL} [Organization} of the United Kingdom London. we secure saved delivery to any part of the world to any foreign client, after my trip in London i lately open my file and i saw your informations concerning your Consignment that was unable to be delivery base on the act of crooks that proof their self as Diplomat or Representative i have verify and confirm that your Funds had been deposited in the Ghana Government Treasure Account.

Its had been seals. not to be delivery base on the new Party which is now in Charge, i have seek and apply for the resale of your Consignment with my total reference, Identify and qualification. In order to proceed we would like you to kindly advice us on how to commence with the delivery of your Consignment.. please understand that the process is 24 hours as you can received your Consignment with in one working day.

Kindly get back to me as urgent....


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