Saturday, 25 June 2011 = Scam

From: Gabriel Fode,
Bujumbura Camp

Dear Sir,

l am sending you this letter so that you can understand me l am a Sierra-Leone an nationality; my name is prince Gabriel Fode, the only son of Late Professor.Ibrahim B. Fode,My father has one of the biggest gold and diamond mining company in Liberia and Sierra-Leone; he was an opposition party to the Liberian government as well during Mr. Charles Taylor, before the war finally came out

Before my father was killed, he deposited some huge amount of
money here in Ghana with a security company, amount to USD30.5 million dollars, including gold diamond worth about 850,000 us dollars.

l and my only sister are seeking refugee here and we purposely came
so that we can claim our inheritance, which is our right. l have try worked
out the arrangements of getting this properties to be taken out of Africa to
your country, behave already appear before the law court for a legitimate
arrangement. The court has granted us order to get what belong to us, but we need your assistance to stand as the beneficiary so that you can receive the properties on our behalf in your country.

All l need from you is your trust, your reliability and trustworthy concerning this property, because this is only what left for us in our life all my father' s properties in Liberia are seized, this is only thing left for
us, we need a good person that will be to us like mother and we hope you will take us like your child. the fund will be transfer to you through bank to bank and the gold will be transfer through diplomatic courier services.

As soon as you receive the properties, we will make arrangement and agreement on how to invest the money into a good business that will be profitable in the future, the gold and diamond will be sold under your advice for the benefit of us. we have it in mind to give you 20percent of the properties as soon the properties arrived in your country.

I am counting on you and looking forward to hearing from you quickly.

Thanks and God Bless you.
Yours faithfully,
Gabriel Fode,

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