Wednesday, 22 June 2011 = Scam

Please may I use this medium to introduce myself to you? I am a Sierra-Leone an nationality, my name is Richmond Kaho the son of Late Prof. Joseph Ibrahim Kaho, my father has a Diamond and Mining Corporation in Sierra-Leone before the war finally broke out.
Since then things have never been the same and presently, I am seeking refugee with my only sister Mss Jeanny Kaho here in Ghana. I pray that my decision to contact you will be given a genuine approval considering the facts that we have not known each other before.
Before my father was killed he deposited some huge amount of money in Ghana with a security company in save box which was deposited as described to be containing Precious Items and Personal Effect. My father intentionally registered it with this code because of hijackers and not to raise eyebrows, he only disclose it to me that it is money.

As stated in my father's WILL, the money deposited is about thirty million dollars (USD$ 30.000.000.DOLLARS), including GOLD and DIAMOND, the Gold and the Diamond worth about USD10,000,000.00. I have worked out arrangements to get this box containing the fund to be taken out of Africa.

I need your assistance to receive the box in your country because my father stated in his
WILL that I should not tamper with this money here in Africa for security reasons, immediately the boxes arrived in your country, you will meet the diplomatic officials and they will deliver the boxes to you.

All the documents covering the legality of the money will be sent to you following with a change of ownership agreement from my father's name to your name as already been arranged with my attorney. As you can understand, presently we are seeking asylum under Ghana government, we have been able to work out the strategy to move this box out of Africa under
legitimate arrangement.

When the boxes get over to your country you will receive it as our trustee and beneficiary. I and my sister have worked out 30percent of the amount for you and your family, 10percent kept aside for any expenses you may incure during the process and the remaining 60%percent is what I and my sister will invest and live with.
I want you to assured me of your reliability and trustworthy concerning this business, I will be very grateful if only you can help me out of this transaction of the whole thing. Because I want this cash to be moved to overseas for investment, on investment we will still rely on you as a business expertise to recommend a viable business that will be profitable in future.
Do call me as soon as you receive this letter for any further information that you need to know. Kindly send me your private phone and fax number to enable me sends you the legal document that is covering the boxes. We are counting on you and looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and God be with you.

Yours faithfully,
Richmond Kaho

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