Tuesday, 28 June 2011

hstelbnk@gmail.com 1 903 890 2738 1 4253281258

Attention : Customer ,

We received an instructions from I.R.S office to release the sum of $15.8 Million to your bank account on the conditions that you provide all the necessary documents,such as : Affidavit of claim certificate, payment approval issued by american government,fund origin certificate, money laundry and anti terrorist certificate.

We have a lot of beneficiary claiming to own the fund.

If you do not have the mentioned documents, then you are advised to contact our legal department via email :hstelbnnk@gmail.com

fill the form in attachment which also includes my ID.

Submit your banking details and personal details where you wish to receive your payment, you are advise to do this within 5 working days.

This was an instructions from the world bank and I.R.S

You can call on the below phone number.

545 Washington Blvd.,
10th Floor Jersey City, NJ 07310,
fax : 1 4253281258
phone : 1 903 890 2738
Email: hstelbnk@gmail.com
Sender : Mr. William Bibik

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