Monday, 20 June 2011 +447035911884 = Scam

World Bank has continue for the year 2011 giving out amount of money to individual in various country . Normally, They suppose to use through government to disburse this amount but we found out 50% are not use for what we are given out to them so in this junction we have chosen to use individuals for this year to alleviate poverty around the world. The sum of $50 million United State Dollars has been approved and authorized by the World Bank to deliver to you in cash or by bank transfer in your country with immediate effect. The major reason for giving this amount of money is for you to use it to help the Orphans,Widows and all poor people around you.

The following information is your Payment Reference code to confirm your payment with the Bank. Payment No.-674632, Password No.-339331 ,Pin Code No.-55674 and Released Code No.- 0763. Having received these vital payment number, therefore You are qualified to contact the paying bank.,,( )

Now you are directed to contact the (HSBC BANK PLC,UK) immediately so that they will pay you and fax you the payment Copy Slip. Contact the bank now and inform them that you received an email from The World Bank Instructing you to contact them for immediate release of your fund.

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Tel: +447035911884

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