Tuesday, 21 June 2011

salimfadisalimfajjar@hotmail.co.uk 00218 92788 4075

Date: 27th May 2011
From: Salim Fadi Salim of Libya
As-Sal mu `Alaykum
My name is Salim Fadi Salim from Tripoli Libya and I am contacting for help and its about to receive luggage with significant asset in foreign currency (America dollars) in abroad (South Africa) on my behalf and safeguard the luggage (SAFE) ahead of our migration to your country from Libya through Egypt soonest God willing Inshallah. Already parts of the family have crossed into Egypt to wait and I am still inside Tripoli with my second son to work out possibility means to send out of Libya to abroad the luggage with cash content in foreign currency (US DOLLARS) with which we can start life with outside Libya in your country.
Now we have the connection to send the luggage to abroad through diplomatic mission but need particulars of trusted person to receive the luggage in your country hence my mail to you. Can I use your particulars to send the luggage across and can you receive it? If possible, p.s. send to me copy of your id and my agent Mackenzie Logistics will do the necessary paper work and documentations in favour of your name and documents corresponded to you.
God Willing, Inshallah, we make it to your country, you will guide me to your country immigration services to secure asylum status for us, and from money I'm going to send, you help me to a buy house that can sleep family of 11 to enable us to settle, invest and start new life in your country with you to manage our investment on partnership.
For more details; I would love to speak with you over the telephone but communication networks are broken-down, however, my number is 00218 92788 4075, but can call you for brief speak through satellite teleline company if you can give me your number and particulars.
Thank you (shukran)
Salim Fadi Salim
3 Al Fajjar LBY, Gregarage Tripoli, Libya
Tel/ 00218 92788 4075
Email; salimfadisalimfajjar@hotmail.co.uk

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