Sunday, 11 August 2013

+447017043897 = Scam

Dear Sir/ Madam
Sincere greeting to you, My Name is Mr. Scott Wallace, I was the formal purchasing manager from FHC Laboratory Company UK, and I got your business contact information from a comprehensive research done by my secretary. When i was searching for an Indian reliable business company, or an individual who can stand as an international supplier to our company; and I decided to connect you to a business with our company. Our company is into manufacturing of pharmaceutical and laboratory products.
There is a herbal seed called (Dagama Seeds), which our company always sends me to purchase from India. Right now I have been promoted to the post of production manager and the company wants to send its new purchasing manager to India for the same material.
Our director has asked me for the contact of the dealer in India, which I don’t want to disclose to him for some obvious reasons. The purchasing price is $75, per sachet of 5 grams, but I used to bill my company $170 per sachet of 5 grams. Right now I need a company or an individual in India who can stand as a dealer. . Even if this product is strange to you, you can still consider it as a massive business opportunity by being an international supplier to my company.
What I need from you is trust and honest because this will be a long term business relationship between you and our company.
After purchase from original seller you would sell to our new purchasing manager, then we share the profit as per percentage based on our agreement. Kindly get back to me via E-mail, for more details of our company and the main dealer in India. (
Mobile: +447017043897
Mr. Scott Wallace

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