Friday, 23 August 2013

Tel/Fax: +228-9991-471857 EMAIL, = Scam

Western Union Money Transfer
Place du Petit Marche
Quartier Assivito, Rue Koumore.
01 B.P 3256 Lome Togo
Tel/Fax: +228-9991-471857
Dear Beneficiary Customer
Indeed Tony Chika From Togo Kept Your $800,000 Master Card in our office here for your compensation and instruct us to transfer the fund $800,000 (IN MASTER CARD) to you once we get your contact.

He didn't disclose the reason of given you the Fund, But according to our knowledge, Barrister Tony Chika Transferred a huge amount of millions dollar's which belong to his death Client (An Engineer) from your country, His Client died in a plane crash with his immediate family in a plane crash here without any registered next of kin in his fund deposited in a Bank Here, He Transferred the fund (millions Dollar's) with your Name as the beneficiary with his new partner from Paraguay, He is in Paraguay Now.

Tony Chika compensate you with this fund $800,000 (MASTER CARD) for using your name as next of kin of his client to claim the fund because he didn’t do the transition with you

This Fund $800,000 in MASTER CARD will be transfer to your account once we receive Your information as follows and for to us create your transfer File

Your Full Name..........Your Address / City ........Your Country..............Your Cell Phone Number.....
Your Occupation...........Copy of Your Passport.... ……..

The Total Money $800,000 on the Card will be transfer to you via our Bank (SKYE BANK) once we receive the information's needed .

Customer Service
Mr. John Ekene.

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