Sunday, 25 August 2013 = Scam

i, My name is James Benedict I manage my own small payroll private business called J.B Payroll Service Inc. I am a Payroll Specialist working from home, I am from Newburg, Missouri and I'm married with 2 kids. I use to encounter a lot of stress when going about my daily payroll activities. I'm looking for Part Time Payroll clerk who can work 4-5 days per week. Duties include:- Data entry of payroll information for up to 5,000 employees and over 100 locations Requirements:- Must have good computer and 24hours internet access NO experience is needed. Training is provided. The position pays $250 weekly and your paycheck will be sent to you Bi-weekly which will be in $500 for two weeks. To get started you will need some working materials listed below *VersaCheck Paper Business Refills. *Magnetic Versaink. *UPS Envelope *Colored printer The items are available at any of this stores (Staples, Stationary stores, Office depot, Walmart) Note- Forward the receipt of order confirmation to me so i can forward it to our Billing/Reimbursement Dept. and you will be reimbursed back in your first pay. Thanks James.

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