Monday, 19 August 2013

+2348051081580 = Scam

Western Union? Global Payment Solutions

Western Union Money Transfer
EMS Post Office Agent Location
Lagos, Nigeria
Contact Email:
TELEPHONE: +2348051081580


How are you doing today? Please take your time to read and
understand this message and please get back to me as a matter of
urgency. After our official verification perusal we have obtain facts
that you are the bonafide beneficiary of the total fund of Two
Million, Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars($2.500,000.00)
deposited in our office by the ministry of finance of the Federal
Republic Of Nigeria through fund vault KTU/9023118308/03 from United
Nation, since this fund was given by the Paris Club International on
your name we never heard from you till now, we want to use this
opportunity to congratulate you once again for this immensely donation
given to you by the Paris Club International, You are pick up your
first payment of $45,000USD immediately.

Please you are advise to go through this e-mail carefully and make
sure you understand and comply with the contents before replying. We
are instructed by Federal Government of Nigeria to transfer your fund
to you via our installment transfer through our service (Western Union
Money Transfer) so you will be receiving $45,000.00 USD daily until
the successful installment transfer of your total fund of Two Million,
Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars($2.500,000.00).

Mean while you are required to send us the re-new payment file which
is $150 USD for the $45,000USD that we have already transferred to
your name but cannot be pick because it was place on hold by the
management. Reason, because we intend to deduct the transferring fee
out from your total fund but the Financial Trust Fund Committee of
Nigerian Republic proof in accordance to United Nation financial edits
of 1990 as related to international fund transfer policy as agreed
with Western Union acts that no one has right over your fund as it
have been signed and stamped that no money should be deducted from
your fund until it all gets to you to avoid any mal-practice in making
excessive deduction from your fund, be informed that if the policy is
not observe it might involve corruption which in other words might
lead you loosing your fund, therefore take note that we cannot deduct
your transfer fees from your fund.

Here is the information of the one we sent on your name now to you,
but it will remain on hold and the receiver name will not be given to
you until your payment file re-new before we can release the first
$45,000USD to you. To you be sure that the money is available in your
name, you can track it and confirm the availability of your first
payment. Click on our web-site via this tracking link

MTCN: 1021836010
Sender First Name: Augustine
Sender Last Name: Iwunor
Amount:..$45000.00 USD

Therefore, copy the name below and go straight and send our official
re-new payment file of $150 usd to enable us proceed on your payment
release immediately, below is the information of our account officer
which you will use to remit the $150 usd via Western Union Money
Transfer been our re-new payment file for your $45,000.00 usd.Amount

Receiver name:........ Frank Odia
Country:.................. Nigeria
Test question:..........Thank
Test answer:.............GOD
Amount:..................$200 usd

Your urgent respond is highly needed to enable us to release your
first transferred $45,000USD within an hour, include your telephone
number as you reply with your payment MTCN for the transfer fees. We
hereby issued you our code of conduct, which is (WUMT-824) so you have
to indicate this code when contacting as your subject, call me for any
question +2348051081580

I do hope you totally understand the content and note of this
message? Please do get back to us immediately with your prompt

Welcome to Western Union Money Transfer,
Mr. Jeff Anderson (Transfer Manager)
TEL: +2348051081580

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