Tuesday, 27 March 2012

unitedstateembassy0@yahoo.com +229 93 03 71 32 = Scam

ATTN:In regard to your package which contain the MasterCard. FedEx update me todaythat your package have stay long than what they expected and they want you toshow some seriousness to the charge fee required to get the package shipped toyou.I know things are hard now in terms of financially but you need to know thatthis package is very important and the total amount the MasterCard contain is$20 Million usd and your daily limit withdraw is $15,000 per day program bythe International Credit system.The charge fee required to pay the security keeping fee is $57and this is thelast fee required if any other fee occurs i will make sure FedEx return allthe money you have sent previously so you have nothing to worry about, Iassure you that i will make sure shipment commence once the charge fee is paidto US.THE PAYMENT INFORMATION OF ANEKWE JUDE TO SEND THE $57AND ONCE PAYMENT IS MADEGET BACK TO ME WITH THE PAYMENT CONFIRMATION DETAILS SO I CAN FORWARD IT TOHIM SO THE CHARGE FEE CAN B! E PAID AND SHIPMENT WILL COMMENCE ONCE THIS IS DONE OK.NAME................ ANEKWE JUDEADDRESS:,,,,,,,,,,,, BENIN REPUBLICCITY: ...................COTONOUCOUNTRY:........ ZIP CODE: 299TEXT .................ONCEANSWER: .....FAITHAMOUNT........$57Once payment is made get back to me with the payment confirmation detailsrequired below so shipment can commence. and i will forward it to FedEx soshipment will commence immediately.SENDER NAME:??CONFIRMATION MTCN NUMBER:??SENDER ADDRESS Confused?TEXT QUESTION USED??ANSWER USED:??AMOUNT SENT:?NOTE: THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOUR MASTERCARD CONTAIN IS $20 MILLION USD AND THISINCLUDE INTEREST UP TILL DATE. YOUR DAILY LIMIT WITHDRAW IS $15,000 PER DAY.ONCE YOUR PACKAGE IS SHIPPED AND YOU RECEIVE IT YOU WILL RECOVER ALL YOU HAVESPENT. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND.Have a wonderful day and remember all you need to send is $57 only to completeeverything.Email Address; ( unitedstateembassy0@yahoo.com )Dr. DR WiLLiAM ULYLES.SENIOR OFFICE DEPARTMENTFEDERAL BUREAU OF ! INVESTIGATION FBI.WASHINGTON DC.J. Edgar Hoover Building935 Pennsylvania Avenue,NW Washington,D.C.20535-0001, USAPrivate tel; +229 93 03 71 32.

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