Tuesday, 27 March 2012

icbgh1981@hotmail.com icbgh1981@yahoo.com.ph = Scam

International Debt Funds Recovery Unit Economic Community of West Africa States Department of the Treasury Accra-Ghana Plot 36, Meridian Way.Tel.233-540-959-221 Dear Joseph khoo, We the International Debt Funds Recovery Unit of West Africa Department of the Treasury Accra-Ghana, Hereby inform you on how to recover your inherited funds via cash consignment baggage from Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), in association with London England liaison office valued at $10.5million United States Dollars in your favor. The funds recovery was witnessed by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), and Interpol Unit envoys Deployed to London by West Africa of the Treasury Accra-Ghana, to monitor the proceedings of the funds recovery from United Nations (UN). The team that was dispatched confirmed that the legal modalities maintained for the coordination of the funds release was fair and just. Considering opinion by United Nations (UN) Association of London England. However, the outcome of the screening and confirmation was perfect and would help to curtail activities of con artist and scam generally. It was quite successful and encouraging. The recovered funds were allotted into cash consignment baggage by United Nations (UN) Association of London England, and are currently deposited in our pecuniary vault here in Ghana. The recovering of the funds would not have been successful if the United Kingdom Officials had not dedicated his time to ensure smooth running of the event, due to his vigorous fight to eradicate corruptions, insalubrious activities and terrorism that has eroded all governments' effort in smooth and fair governance. The event was also a bright opportunity for the officers in charge, to meet the deadline given to him at the 2011 G20 London Summit to clear all outstanding beneficiary debts and lottery wining debts owned foreigners by the British government. For this reason, the West Africa Department of the Treasury, hereby state that before any effective step could be taken to release your cash consignment baggage, you are to reconfirm your personal Information as stated below. The information will enhance your cash consignment baggage delivery from our pecuniary vault here in Accra-Ghana, to your location. PERSONAL INFORMATION. Full Name:……………………… Residence Address:……………… Bank Address:…………………… Current Occupation:……………… Contact Telephone Numbers:……… Any form of prove of identification: Current Age:…………… At the receipt of the above information, we will not hesitate to open communication with you give you the necessary vital information for easy communication between you and the (ECOWAS) Treasury Thanks Rev.Dr.Akpan Steven Operation Director

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