Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rumer Willis Heading To Rehab?

A source says that Rumer has been partying all the time and the family feels like she needs to go to rehab like her mom! WE CAN'T HELP BUT NOTICE THAT RUMER WILLIS HAS BEEN LOOKING VERY THIN LATELY, BUT IS SHE FOLLOWING IN HER MOTHER'S DANGEROUS FOOTSTEPS?? AFTER DEMI MOORE WAS HOSPITALIZED BACK IN JANUARY, WE HEARD THAT HER DAUGHTER RUMER WAS WITH HER WHEN SHE REPORTEDLY OVERDOSED ON WHIP-ITS. IN FACT INSIDERS SAY, THE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER OFTEN PARTIED TOGETHER... BUT NOW HER MOM'S ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY, WHILE SHE'S SUPPOSEDLY HEADED DOWN A MUCH DARKER PATH. A SOURCE CLOSE TO THE WILLIS FAMILY TELLS HOLLYWOOD LIFE.COM, "Rumer parties all the time. She's out all night long and doesn't seem upset over her mom's breakdown. Her entire family is worried sick about her and they think she might need to go to rehab like Demi. Everyone wants to help her but she won't listen. Plus, Rumer has lost weight recently and is on her way to being as bone-thin as her mother." WOW!! REALLY??? NOT QUITE... WHILE IT SURE LOOKS LIKE RUMER'S LOST WEIGHT, AN INSIDER TELLS GOSSIP COP.COM, THE REHAB STORY IS "UNTRUE." AND WE ARE DEFINITELY GLAD TO HEAR THAT...

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