Saturday, 10 March 2012 = Scam

Hello, I represent a private Non profit & Non Government Organization (N.G.O). We are seeking for big investors, businessmen or fund management experts who will be willing and capable to absorb confidential large loans to finance their viable projects. We currently have excess large funds SECRETLY PLACED UNDER OUR N.G.O CUSTODY by some top Politicians from Western and Northern African countries of which some of the politicians have died. We wish to give out these excess funds only as Loans under strict confidential arrangement to a few successful capable investors at 4% interest rate per year for a maximum of 10 years duration with no direct liability to applicant. It has a minimum amount application level of US$20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million U.S dollars only) to a maximum of US$100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million U.S dollars only). For you to qualify to get this loan, you must fulfill the condition of registering your own NGO (charity organization) in Accra, Ghana where the funds are domiciled and also open a dollar account with the name of your new registered NGO in Standard Chartered Bank in Ghana; then your approved loan amount shall be transferred first locally to your newly opened NGO account in Ghana for onward International wire transfer to your bank accounts in your country. NGO (charity organization) is not authorized to engage in profitable transactions and as such these funds must not be officially seen as loans vis-à-vis NGO to NGO. Therefore, we are very selective in choosing intended borrowers to participate in this deal so as not to compromise confidentiality & secrecy taking into consideration the peculiar circumstances and sources of these excess large funds under our custody. We are willing to advance the loan to you without collateral security if you are already financially successful in your area of endeavor and capable of handling such large investment funds with a view of generating a minimum of 10% annual ROI. Our strict condition of registering your own N.G.O Company in Ghana and opening of the NGO account with our contact bank under our supervision to receive the funds locally here for onward wire transfer to your account overseas will not be compromised. If you are sure you qualify to participate in this confidential loan arrangement, state your full names, direct phone number, loan amount required and the investment project(s) you intend to finance. The sign up contract note will be held in Accra, Ghana while I shall join you back to your country to legally sign the promissory/security notes upon the receipt of the funds in your account overseas. If you are unable to personally visit Ghana for the required 5 working days, you can send a trusted representative/partner to do so on your behalf. Regards, Mr. Daniel Owusu Reach me only on this Private Email:

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