Saturday, 10 March 2012 = Scam

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA OFFICE OF THE SENATE . PRESIDENTIAL VILLA,ASO ROCK Our Ref: PRS/COM/WB/IMF/012. Sub; Stop Wasting your fund and do not allow yourself to be deceived anymor= e; Goodday, After proper negotiation With Nigerian Government to look into foreign debts this Year and settlement I decided to write you for confirmation and final attentions. Actually, I know that many fraudulent Nigerians had been contacting different Foreign Contractors through my office, you have to desist from such contacts because they are fake , I would like to observer why your payment had not been sent to you till date. Furthermore, before I would commence on this payment issue, I would like you to know that I have concluded with the World Bank and IMF with other International Apex Banks all over the world this Year to find out the easiest way of transferring your fund without problem of stoppage,seized,change of account and so. Be observed that a dead line of all debt transfer has been drawn to make sure that all the top 20lists today got their fund in easiest way through their country government apex bank to beneficiary account without delay. With the help of International Banks and world bank/IMF, you will be paid through your country apex bank or recognized International banks in your country. through a world bank/IMF representative Here in Nigeria =96 MR. CHIMA BEKO E-mail; within 48hours in your country without any other problem , Contact through the Banker Rep: MR. CHIMA BEKO . You have to forward your (1) BANKING DETAILS (2)YOUR FULL ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBERS (3) MODE OF PAYMENTS (4) YOUR IDENTIFICATION CARD OR PASSPORT (5) THE MTCN OF THE $155 NAME : PETER ONYEISI ADDRESS : LAGOS--NIGERIA QUESTION : DIGITS CODE ANSWER : YES. we hereby advising you to follow up the directions this moment as we are communicating with you, to resolve the issue of foreign contract payment failures, you should keep away from any other office or person, regarding to your contract payment, hence they could not effect the payment for the past years and months, as we have find-out the new modalities of getting the fund paid in your country,s bank. Contact MR. CHIMA BEKO , PHONE:234-8020999313 a world bank/IMF representative to fax the clearance to your apex bank where the fund will be credited to your bank account within 48hours hence you follow the procedures. E-mail; Therefore, you should forward to him the above details. As soon as all is done, your fund will be transferred from your inter state bank to your bank account where you can also verify the whole process. THANKS. SENATOR ISA BELO. OFFICE OF THE SENATE, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA

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