Sunday, 5 February 2012 = Scam

Dear Sir, Compliment of the year,Am Musa Ashur,a secret special adviser to the later Libya president Muammar Gaddafi’s regime,when his alive ,he sent me with suit cases of money worth 40 million dollars to keep in safe keeping firm in Europe DUBLIN,until his untimely death the money is still there unclaimed ,and i would want to introduced you to the safe keep firm where the money is DUBLIN that you are the new beneficiary of the funds.And i will give you a copy photo document that will that will lead you to the company where the funds is kept secretly. please note that my former boss is so rich that all his wealth will not be trace unless there is person that has such clue of the funds.As for me am still hiding till Libya is united and safe but i will not return back to Libya instead ,i will seek political asylum in your country as you confirm to me that you have secured the funds in DUBLIN.You can also read from the website of my former boss Be that as it may be,if you are willing to help me secure this funds secretly without telling the Libya government you can reach me by email so that i can tell you what to do next. Thanks, Musa Ashur

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