Tuesday, 14 February 2012

contactgen8074533764@gmail.com = Scam

From I.M.F.MONITORING TEAM African Department building International Monetary Fund (I.M.F), Subject: Re: Intercepted Money Transfer Attn: snip It has come to our notice in our African Headquarters Office (I.M.F) that your impending funds from Africa which was intercepted,has not been released to you ,We noticed that you made several attempt to transfer your funds but to no avail. Our investigation continued to the African Department (I.M.F),The monitoring team gave an unsatisfactory report to your transaction, hence the chairman is presently under investigation for conspiracy with your representative with intention to divert your funds. You are advised to desist from contacting anyone including your agent or representative in these regard, International Monetary Fund has taken full responsibility to transfer your fund to you, kindly respond to these email by providing your full information below. YOUR FULL NAME: YOUR ADDRESS: YOUR TELE/FAX NUMBER: YOUR OCCUPATION: YOUR BANK INFORMATION: YOUR AMOUNT OF FUND. YOUR PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION; Yours Faithfully, Rev. Raginald Lumba. African Department Director

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