Thursday, 16 February 2012 = Scam

My sincere greetings to you, Hello Dear , I am indeed glad to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication (internet) has been grossly abused by some people making it difficult for other once with genuine struggle to correspond and exchange views without skepticism. I got your contact from the internet and that is why I decided to contacted you; hence it is the cheapest way for todays communication. The recent presidential election of November, 28th 2010 in Republic of Cote dIvoire which resulted civil war that just ended last few month ago caused a lot of people to be homeless, parentless and many more. I am 19yrs old girl and sincerely wish to inform you that I will like your assistance in investing in your country as to enable me relocate here to continue my education as the only child of my parents; I lost my father during the civil war because he was suspected to have rendered financial assistance to former president and his elites and my mother died when I was only 4years old. Please let me know your willingness in this project so that I can furnish you with every detail needed. Mean while i have attached my picture and hoping that you will send yours in your next mail. Sincerely, Miss. Mariet Cisse.

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