Friday, 17 February 2012 = Scam

To whom it may concern. I am Ahmad Hussein Bashar a native of Hama and a son of one of the leading opposing figure to the government of Bashar al-Assad.I am 19 years of age and an undergraduate in the Damascus University in Damascus.Following the political resentment and uprising in Syria which has inadvertently degenerate into a civil war, the al-Assad regime announced what is tagged the total massacre of his political opponents and who he had called dissidents to his rule in Syria. In this event, the al-Assad government declare the total whip out of the prominent leaders in duraa wherein my father has been one among these leading figure. On a fateful day while in school, watching the unfolding events going in my country on the television particularly on the Aljazeera i saw a caption on the area around my neighborhood close to my father's house where the pro-Al-Assad forces had surrounded with their weapons of destruction and something struck my mind of my family and immediately i received a message on my phone that the pro-Al-Assad had just struck my neighborhood and that our house was one of the major target by the al-Assad forces and to make the whole world down on me, my father was brutally eliminated from the surface of the earth this ugly events made my mother collapsed seeing her husband swim in an ocean of blood and was rushed to a nearby hospital by a member of the Red Cross but unfortunately she could not live to explain it all as death claimed her away. The Red Cross team and other people on rescue mission took my two kid sisters away for proper care where i often go to pay them visitation and until i discover how endanger my life could be, that i had to flee away for dear live to a neighboring country specifically Turkey as a refugee. I have been living as a refugee since the whole incidents happened that i could not even go back to my country in search of my sisters who i believed remain as the only family i have on earth. During the lifetime of my late father, he was an industrialist, a businessman and a philanthropist who owned a large steel producing company and other assets measurable in monetary terms. Prior to his demise, he had a financial portfolio of $35.8 million United States Dollars, which he deposited with a financial firm (UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS RE-UNITED,SWITZERLAND) in Geneva, Switzerland as part of his investment. However, i have always known of this investment abroad since i was 14 years because, my father of a blessed memory had always made it known to me that on my graduation from the university and after my master in my course of study, i will be representing his business interest abroad. How painful is death to have short-lived his dream. I have made a relentless efforts so far to contact my father's attorney who is in charge of his estate in the person of Sir Abramson Onasis` whose office is in London United Kingdom and Switzerland respectively to know more about my late father's wealth and how i could go about claiming the estate but unfortunately, the attorney brought to my notice that he could only proceed on handling over the estate to me when i have attained the age of 24 or wherein a person of a full contractual capacity is brought in to fulfill the obligation as stated in the will left by my late father. As further explained by the attorney, the person of full contractual capacity could be a relation or a trust. I have been a person of desperate soul to get rid of my father's estate because the attorney himself is an aged man in his late 70s and am afraid death could visit him at any point in time and this might jeopardize my chance of claiming my father's estate. At this point i am consciously taking my time to source for a very business minded person, who is also a God fearing and who will create time to rescue me from this dilemma to claim my late father's estate and also a person who will guide me on a flourishing business to invest my own share of the claim. You can get in touch with my late father's lawyer on these email address : ( ) so that he can furnish you with the information to finalize the whole arrangement . Sincerely, Ahmad Hussein Bashar.

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