Thursday, 16 February 2012

234-81-38643001 = Scam

Hello Dear, Sequel to my first mail here is the break down of the whole thing. I want you to act as if the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA is owing you money. As the ATM DIRECTOR in Nigeria I have included your name among those the Government of of Nigeria is owing so that the Government can pay you $1m as it is paying other being owed through ATM CARD.This ATM CARD works in any ATM MACHINE all over the world. You will have to follow my instructions. After you might have received the ATM CARD,you will clear it in the ATM machine in any part of the world,send me $500,000 and take $500,000 that is 50:50 ratio. But we must do everything legal by following the normal procedures so that there will be no suspi cion that I contacted you to act as one of those being owed by Nigerian government. This is a pure business between two of us and nobody should know about it.Ok? I will send you my INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT AND MY ID CARD AS THE DIRECTOR OF ATM IN NIGERIA as soon as you reply this mail. I will also send you two forms from the CENTRAL BANK OF Nigeria which you will fillout ,sign and scan it and return to the government or central bank of Nigeria. Please ask me any question if you have and i will answer you.Or we can chat on my yahoo id I will be online waiting for you there.Please come on line.I am waiting for you for chatting on my yahoo id: Thanks, UPSON OLODI. TEL:234-81-38643001

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