Thursday, 16 February 2012 = Scam

Hello Dearest My Name is Mrs Mary Cheril Cole,Am from united states of america.i was married to late mr Samuel cole an american late soldier that died in afghanistan horrible accident. following the deployment of some american soldiers that was deploy to kabul,afghanistan 2009 my husband was one list in the soldiers send this time to kabul as some groups to support the citizen and bring peace to the residence of the country under Word (United Nations Nato). After one year in kabul camp where America soldiers have there resident in the time of holiday i travel to meet him in afghan me and my only daughter. My husband and some taliban soldiers found Gold of 700,000 tons kilogram underground the house of Ahmad Shah desecendant from Indian and persians tribe from afghan. the kilos of Gold 700,000 kilo worth in all slate of gold 80million dollars,which a name HAMAD bin Saeed Al Maktoum Gulf Persian The son of prime minister of united Arab Emirate came to buy them all. The money was share by my husband and group of taliban soldiers in his own share worth $ of the taliban in police uniform pretendendly make imself as an official direct a straight gun to my husband and struck him down.After Cole died this money cannot be moved to USA because the government will probe on many reasons for this money and my Husband was a soldier under assignment I plane my move back home to US but cannot move this money out,but i seek the help of friend soldier american help me move this money to united nation out of Kabul afghan. The money is in united nation now,cant carry it to USA because of laundry probe and as an American single woman.some documents was arrange by one Afghanistan Lawyer and invoice of purchase from Hamad Bin Saeed the gulf. am in need of honest serios man can help me recieve this money and invest in his country and this deal be between us. i will offer 15% to him after recieve the package and me and him can leave together with my only daughter. i live in ohio USA now and my lovely daughter and will send you my contact details and addresses. Madam Mary Cheril Cole.

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