Sunday, 19 February 2012 = Scam

Assaalamu Alaikkum my dear friend, I am mr Mateen Ali, the chief operating officer with my bank and I want to inform you that an amount of US$18.6 million will be moved on your name as the Foreign Business Partner to our late deceased customer. I need your help to receive this money as we shall share the money in the ratio of 50:50%. You will receive this amount through a bank wire transfer. Please send your full names, direct telephone numbers, and physical address, more details will be given upon your reply. Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Mr. Mateen Ali. (esq.).


  1. and more!!


    With due respect and humanity, I was forced to turn to you by
    humanitarian ground. My name is Mrs Vanessa Hernandez. I was born vBaltimore,
    Maryland, I am married to Mr. Timothy Hernandez director JC Industries Lome
    Togo. We have been married for 36 years without a child. He died after a heart
    operation of the arteries.

    Finally, my doctor told me that I would not last for the next
    six months due to my cancer problem (cancer of the liver iinsult). Before I
    husband died last year, this amount is $ 2.8 million, which he passed on
    deposited in the bank here in Togo. Vnastoyaschee time, this money is still in
    the bank.

    Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to no good
    God-fearing brother or sister who will use this fund, as I
    I will teach here. I want someone who will use this fund in
    accordance with the desire of my late husband to help the less
    privileged people, orphanages, widows and propagating the word of God.

    I took this decision because I do not have a child who
    will inherit this fund, and I do not want on the road, where they used dengiBudut
    the wicked path. That is why I am taking this decision to transfer you to the fund. I
    not afraid of death hence I know where I go. I want you to always
    Remember me in your daily prayers because of my up coming Cancer
    Write as soon as possible any delay in your reply will give me
    the room in search of another person for the same purpose, God bless you as you
    pay attention to the voice of reasoning,
    Ms. Vanessa Hernandez.

  2. Received the same message and this was the response to an inquiry
    Dear beloved sister Olya in the Lord,

    Calvary greeting to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, How are you and all the members of your Families all together with your friends, I hope everyone is fine and in good health condition, If so thanks be to almighty father for his mercy and guiding. Your message is well received and the content is well understood. Thank you very much for your willingness accepting to assist accomplished my Vow to God almighty, and I pray that God will grant you with wisdom which shall enable you fulfill this project to his Glory. My dear beloved, God almighty has lead me to hand you over the fund for my donation as my late husband advice me when he was alive and so shall I want you and your house ministry to use the fund to accomplish my vow for the glory of God our father because I am very sick now.

    I got your contact through internet and I decided to appoint you as my new beneficiary of the fund and also as an instrument from God, to help me dispose this fund to the less privilege ones and also for propagating the word of God our heavenly Father. I am very much glad to receive your reply letter this morning.

    Thank you very much once again For your concern to my donation which I have already made up my mind before contacting you, Right now as I am writing you this letter to you, I was admitted in the hospital here in Togo, and if not this nursing sister here who use to help me in typing the letter in the computer and send to you, In fact God has been using her to help me here since my late husband brother abandon me just because I did not have any child for their late brother, and they are all against me because of my late husband properties, Which they have also plan to claim all because I am presently sick, But to God be the glory that I hide the deposit certificates of my donation fund and they will never know about this fund, Because the fund in the bank is the fulfillment of the vow I and my late husband made before almighty God.

    My dear beloved, I am 62 years old woman, I need your help for my donation because I am very very sick now, My Doctor said that I will not last longer on this earth because of my sickness, But I am not afraid of death only what I need now is for my donation to be in good hand, I really need your prayer now because I cannot even walk with my two legs anymore because of the stroke but I know that God will visit me on his appointed time, and I shall not die to see that my donation to you is received and also used as I have instructed you. As a child of the living God, you should know that our ways are not his ways.

    My Bible tells me that God works in many ways, and all things worked out for good to them that believed in Christ Jesus. In fact It is also by the leading of the holy spirit that I choose you in obedience and love to fulfill the desire of I and my late husband that I supported to the glory of God, After the bad news my Doctor gave me about my health condition, I become afraid and I have to disclose this matter to him so that he will help me contact the bank where my late husband deposited the money, But the bank said that before anything that we must go to the high court and get an authorization letter that will enable the bank do the changes of ownership in your name as the new appointed beneficiary from me before they will transfer them to you in your country.