Friday, 17 February 2012 = Scam

Dear Sir I am sorry and apologize for the silence and bridge in communication between you and my mother; I want you to understand that my mother is now receiving medical treatment in India. Due to your delay in claiming the funds, the consultant contracted an Indian American who devoted his interest and due effort to make sure that the funds was transferred to his account for the investment as earlier negotiated after clearing the dual government taxes. He is making arrangement to relocate us into USA as he wants me to be his son suitor so we can base in the USA perhaps the investment project is sited in the India so he will manage the project. My mother told him of your effort and the promise she made to God because of you so to accomplish it, they agreed 10% of the US$7,500 000. 00 be assigned to you while 10% be assigned to destitute and churches so at your convenient time, you may contact the consultant TIRSO FILGO WINSTON through his email on "" for collection of your quota but make sure you include the below so they will attend to you accordingly else they might ignore your letter. *Your Full Names *Your Telephone and Fax Numbers *Your Recent Resident Address *A CODE - Appreciation 375 Make sure that the above CODE is included on the SUBJECT LINE for immediate recognition by their management to avoid embarrassment but make sure you cooperate with them. At the moment, my mother has no access to telephone and internet as she is being restricted to it until she get back to her feet so this has made her request me to try visit public cyber cafe to send across this message. Yours truly, Michelle COATES

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