Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tel: 914 205 1276 Email: = Scam

Number 1 chase plaza 2nd Floor 10003 New York

United State of America

Contact Person: Mr. John Lopez


We have received in the evening yesterday from our international partner in the company CHRONO TOP OF BENIN two officers who landed in our office here in New York to issue you a package containing a briefcase and an envelope containing in the briefcase is $3.5m (Three Million- Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) while in the envelope is a world bank draft of $1.5m (One Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) which can be cashed/withdraw at any competent bank here in united states.

They were supposed to have completed the delivery to you in person but they failed due to their time frame visa stay in the U.S. and as they still had a few opportunities left once more their entry visa could not be more than 48 hours since they had just come to make a delivery and due to this such incident was why they have to partner with us to ensure complete delivery to their customer’s door-step according to the new custom grid on diplomats from Africans due to some security reasons.

The two officers Mrs. Omar Tunde and Charles Akim left immediately after depositing to our confident the above mentioned belongings on your favor that we can pass it on to you. But before we can proceed in locating you to your house for the final delivery to you, you will have to send company CHRONO TOP OF BENIN sum $150 for your legal ownership permit order from their head office there in Benin Republic accordingly to our signed agreement with their Chief Director Barr. Jerry Buchi before they ever started partnering with us to ensure that we are dealing with the rightful owner of any valuable they deposit with us to avoid delivery it to wrong person.

Note: the $150 is the only fee you will be required to pay for us to complete your delivery to your door-step upon the receipt of a signed legal ownership permit letter from Benin, without it we can not complete the delivery to you and after three days of the deposit in our office your packages will automatically start accumulating demurrage charges for our security keeping fee of you packages which you must pay whenever you come back for your parcels claim or else we will be forced to retain or return it back to Benin the origin.

You are now required to get back to us with your current delivery address such as 1. Your Full Name _______ 2. House/Office Address_______ 3. Direct Telephone Number________4. A Copy Your Identity_______

Your immediate respond to this email will be highly appreciated as we count on you for us to complete the delivery to you, meanwhile you can even come over to our office in person for your claim once you have obtained the legal ownership permit from Benin office.

Call me once you read this mail 914 205 1276

Mr. John Lopez

Branch Manager UPS Department, New York City, USA.

Tel: 914 205 1276


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