Sunday, 30 October 2011 = Scam

I know you are aware of the ongoing war in my country
Libya. It is no longer new. The pressure on my father, my brothers and my
sister is being pushed by some countries who do not like my father’s reign in
Libya. My Name is Al-Saadi, Gadhafi’s third Son and head of Business. Our
country has being built from obscurity to self-sufficiency in the cause of my
father’s rule but now the international communities are after our oil and wants
my father out and dead. Now they have killed my father together with my junior brother,
and now they are tracing our foreign accounts to frustrate and kill me also.
Over the past 12 weeks my father and I have deposited in
each of his Four Foreign Accounts to the tune of Forty-five
Million Dollars (USD 45, 000,000) In Each of our Secure Banks in the United
Kingdom, Addis-Ababa, India and United Arab Emirates - Our 10 years’ Proceeds
from our Oil Wells in Libya. My
father has authorized me, when he was alive as his head of business to find an
understanding individual or company to stand as sole owner of each of the funds
in order to secure it and receive 30% of the
total funds as compensation; so that even if he dies or go on exile, his children will not
suffer. If you have any business or account running in any of these countries
then you are qualified to receive these funds on behalf of I and my family before
we lose it all to rebels and there leaders.
My father has suffered and lost so much yet they still killed
him by so called rebels and there leaders. All we need now is someone to help secure these
funds until every tension is cool. My business Lawyer and Adviser In
India Dr. Sheetal Nadir or Barrister
Marcus Opel in the
U.K has advised me to find anyone who can
accept these funds so that we prepare all documents and transfer the funds into
your private secure account, in less than 8 days. Everything has been carefully
prepared to make the transfer of funds easy for you.
Pls kindly and
simply send us this little information to help us reach you easier:
Your Full Name or Name of Company:

Valid E-mail Address:

Telephone and Fax number: _______________________________________________

information is important for faster delivery. With this, Dr. Nadir or Barrister
Marcus will call to provide you with details and documents to transfer the
funds in your account.
Please do send
reply via my E- mail:
Let’s look
forward to Profitable ends.
Alaikum! (Peace Be With You)!!!

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