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You have been selected as one of the recipient for this year during the
celebration of world environmental day which entitle you to a cash donation
of $500,000. (Five hundred thousand America Dollars) from the donation board
of Saudi environmental society. (SENS).

The Saudi environmental society in conjunction with other environmental
organizations world wide is working on creating sustainable developmental
programs. In addition to working on developing the voluntary action by
creating a broad base of volunteers and to contribute in strengthening the
role of the private sector to serve the environmental issues in the areas of
environmental protection and conservation of natural resources and wildlife.

Since environmental issues are worldwide problems, and knowing that
environmental problems in one region also affects other regions of the world,
The Saudi environmental society, ably headed by His Royal Highness Prince

Abdul-Aziz, approve the sum of $500,000 (Five hundred thousand American
dollars) to be given to few selected persons in all regions of the world who
are willing to work towards the protection of the environment in which they
are domiciled. Therefore it is only persons who are concern about the
environment that should claim this grant.

The sums are release to selected persons in all regions of the world. Persons
so selected, must be willing to use the grant for the purpose for which the
grant was given which is principally to improve the ecosystem in his/her
place of domicile by to bring together like minded persons in ones region to
create climatic and environmental awareness among the populace about issues
which are threatening the environment. The utilization of the funds should be
judiciously deployed.

Since you have been selected amongst others, you should contact the Saudi
Environmental society international donation center in London with your data
and all necessary information for the transfer of the grant to you via the
email address stated herein. Note that this is a grant and therefore it
should be use only for the purpose for which it was meant for. Briefly in one
sentence, what are the environmental challenges facing your community?

Board of directors

His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, President
of Saudi Environment Society.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Hamid Abu Znadh, vice President. (Saudi)
Dr. Faisal Hamzah Abu Rdeif, Secretary.
Dr. Osama Abdullah Kokandi, Treasurer.
Dr Saleh Mohammed, Board Member, Europe
Professor. Tariq Abdul Hadi Taher, Board Member. America
Dr. Saied Fathi Khaweli, Board Member, Africa
Engineer Adel Salem Badeeb, Board Member, Asia
Mr. Phillip Rasmusen, Board member, Observer status, UN


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