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New York Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
State Anti-Money Laundry Crime Division,
United-State Federal Reserved Treasury
On Internet Crime & Fraudulent Unit,
New York, Regional Division U.S.A.
Your ref: USA/IMF/FBI/CIA/7890/2011
Contact E-mail:

Please Note, Your Urgent Attention & Cooperation Is Highly Needed Now To Avoid
Your Immediate Arrest.

Greetings! To Your Kind Attention,

This is to officially notify you that, we the New York Central Intelligence
Investigation Agency on Anti-Money Laundry,
Internet Crime Cases & Fraudulent Surveillance Division located here in the
United State, wish to break the sudden news to
you in regard to your unclaimed fund, it is our desire to let you know an
embargo has been placed on every funds around the
world above the sum of $500, 000, including yours irrespective of the office
you are presently dealing with, latest

information reaching this Office from the C.I.A ground office in Pakistan
informs us of a video recorded by the number 1

foremost terrorist Osama Bin
Laden saying he was going to attack the United States, and some mention
countries again through it citizen, which makes every

person a suspect, this has prompted the following named authorities which are
the United State Home-land Security Services
Agents, The Federal Bureau of Investigation On Internet Fraudulent Cases
(FBI), The International Monetary Fund Surveillance
High Commission (IMF), The Anti-Money Laundry, Drug Trafficking and
Anti-Terrorism Crime Unit, the International Police
(INTERPOL) and in-conjunction with the World Bank Auditors (WBA) who are also
in-charge of supervising all local & foreign
incoming and out-going banking transaction in the world.

After the demise of Osama Bin Laden, all Presidents of the Countries global
had a confidential security meeting to enable

them protect the interest, life and properties of each of their citizens,
which is to further protect any upcoming terrorist
attack from the Alqueda or any terrorist organization, which in the process of
this investigation and security exercise
going on to protect you and every other citizens around the world, we then
discovered you had an unclaimed long over due
payment entitled to you as the beneficiary which has been longed delayed
unnecessary due to one reason or another, and as a
result of this your (Name & E-mail Address) has been (REPORTED) to our office
this morning (FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE ARREST) after
discovering that you had earlier not obtained the statutory Human Right
Criminal Records Clean Bill Funds Clearance
Certificate of Legality, which at the moment the part payment of your fund has
been approved today to the tune of $4.5
Million Dollars which TRULY EXIST in your name but does not have sufficient
evidence that could cover you beyond every
reasonable doubt as a proof to convince any of the above named authorities
that the said fund rightfully belongs to you as
genuinely owner and also do not have the Human Right Criminal Records Clean
Bill Funds Clearance Certificate Of Legality that

will facilitate the immediate release upon procurement and normalization of
the aboved named documents.

Sequel to your past and present transactions dealings with your so called
business associates which we considered to be
FRAUDULENT without you obtaining the Human Right Criminal Records Clean Bill
Funds Clearance Certificate of Legality, in your

name, which is to also clears your from every anti-terrorist activities charge
against the United States Government and other

concerned authorities fighting against anti-terrorist activities & Money

To avoid further embarrassment, we the New York Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) On Internet Crime & Fraudulent mandate you

to STOP completely all further communication between you and anybody, offices,
banks, ministries, organization, financial
Stake holders including other global security agencies both locally and
internationally as a matter of urgency, otherwise,
failure of you not doing that as we have directed you will automatically
warrant your immediate ARREST after (7) days of this

prospective warning/notice.

On this note, you are hereby advised in your own interest to contact the
Assistant Director of the British Economic And
Financial Crimes Commission Foreign Debts Payment Center Agent in
United-Kingdom, London with her below contact details
immediately you receive this urgent notice and ensure you try as much as you
can to obtain the highly important document you
CERTIFICATE) which has to be issued in your full
name as appeared on your national Id or on your working id card before we can
authorize the newly assigned paying bank
where your part payment fund of $4.5 Million, is been deposited presently for
its safety and the hitch free release of your
entitlement unclaimed fund into your receiving bank account where you want the
fund to be transferred into, which you will
also confirmed yourself in your account as soon so your criminal allegation
record and the arrest warrant petition filed
against you is been cleared completely from our local & international funds
transaction monitoring data base system before
you can be qualified as a legal law abiding citizen cleared to receive these
funds into your account or through our other
certified method of payment of your choice.

Once you are able to procure this Certificate in question from the British
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Foreign
Debts Payment Center UK, through the assistance of the Assistant Director in
person of Mrs. Carolina Williams, who is
in-charge of the issuance, be 100% rest assured that, you will be set-free
completely from every alleged criminal
records/petitions filed against you which is why it is highly necessary for
you to obtain it so as to avert you from future
embarrassment or any suspected monetary transaction that may involves any huge
sum of amount that is above Five Hundred
Thousand dollars or more in your name.

Finally,immediately the Human Right Criminal Records Clean Bill Funds
Clearance Certificate Of Legality,is duly obtained and

stored into the British Metropolitan Police Crime Data Base System
in-conjunction with other above concerned authorities,

this will then serve as a proof that you are an honest and respectable citizen
in the society and a good law abiding citizen

as well which is the major reason why you have to secure the document
genuinely from the United-Kingdom, London. More so,
you are to forward your Bank Account Details to us immediately where you want
your approved $4.5 Million Dollars to be
transferred into or your preferable address that you may want your $4.5
Million to be delivered to hitch free as soon as you
comply to our directives and fulfill the laid down obligation given to you to
avoid you losing your payment or being
arrested by the British police.

As it stands now, you are mandated to reach her right away because further
delay may be very dangerous on your side as
justice delayed is justice denied, so act fast and contact her immediately.

Below is the contact info of Mrs. Carolina Williams:

Contact Name: Mrs. Carolina Williams
Contact E-mail:
Contact Tel/Fax: (+44) 792-452-4836.

Thanks for your cooperation as I wait your response via email or telephone: +1
(940) 238 1813, after contacting (Mrs. Carolina Williams) immediately you
receive this urgent notice and if you call my number and do not get me on
seat, please
you can as well leave a voice message and I shall return back your call when
chanced which is why you must contact Mrs. Carolina Williams via her above
contact first concerning the certificate you are to obtain from her office
instead of
waiting to hear from me, because I am a very busy person.

Note: we are highly concerned about your well being to ensure justice and
fairness in all that we do, we will appreciate your co-operation in fighting
against Terrorist Activities and Money Laundering, so as to protect life and

Best Regards,

Mellisa Watts,
(CIA) Special Crime Agent.
Contact Tel: +1 (940),

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