Thursday, 19 May 2011 = Scam


My name is Hazzan Gazal Trabelsi, younger brother of Leila Trabelsi,
the wife of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, former Tunisian president who was
ousted by Tunisians recently. I am presently under house arrest in my
Town House in Tunis because of the perceived corruption of the
President's family. I was not a member of the government but now
suffering persecutions because I am a relative of the President's wife
and anyone seen as related to the President's family is presently
under arrest.

I have contacted you because I have initiated assylum proceedings on
the internet for Canada and I need someone on the outside I can trust
to handle this and other matters for me as I do not know how long I am
going to have internet access and there is no one I could trust in
Tunisia anymore. All my assets in Tunisia and Europe have been seized
but I was able to move some to Malaysia before my arrest.

I am willing to pay you a substantial amount of money for any
assistance you render to me. I would appreciate any assistance you
could render in this regard. Please indicate by return email if I can
rely on you to keep this matter confidential.

Hazzan Gazal Trabelsi

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