Thursday, 19 May 2011 = Scam

I am Hashim al-Adly brother and business partner to Habib al-Adly who was the former Interior minister of Egypt under President Hosni Mubabrak.The ousted president Mubarak was worth over $70 billion USD in various foreign account all over the world, my brother and another detained steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz held various account, properties and business for the ex-president in different countries in the world and with the Detention of my brother.I need your help/assistance to transfer the funds to a more secure account in your name as there are presently held in the name of an Alias company name under the authority of an attorney in London who does not know the genuine benefactors and would facilitate the funds transfer as he has a Pedigree for being genuine and honest on his dealings.

Read this mail carefully and respond immediately find below my contact email address.

Hashim al-Adly

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