Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,
There is an issue with the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER in the amount of
$149,024.00 Directed in cash credited to file WUMT/0378449773/08, at the
owner of this email address which is you.

The International Monetary Fund contacted us for your compensation a
couple of hours ago due to your allocated security code.

We are unable to complete a transfer directed at an email address, So we
require your signature and attestation in order to complete this
transfer.Your signature and particulars is required for the immediate
release and payment of your funds ($149,024.00).

I wish to notify you that your Western Union details concerning your funds
($149,024) has been released. Please visit the Western Union website
( and check the status of your funds using the
information below: THIS IS YOUR FUNDS' STATUS.

Go to then click 'Transfer Status' Input the MTCN and
Sender's name, it will
notify you that your money ($149,024) has been picked up.

We picked it up for your safety until your claim
MTCN: 210 779 8450
Sender's First Name: Chris
Sender's Last Name: White
Amount: $ 149, 024
Test Question: ??
Answer: ??

We do not have much time in our hands moreover, we have a timeframe for
every claim.

Here are the information needed for you to fill out:
i.Full Names (first and last):
iii.Age (before January 2010):
iv.Sex (M/F):
vii.Fax Number(s):
viii.Country Of Residence:

As soon as this information is received, a scanned copy of your Receipt
containing pickup details will be sent to you for pickup at your local
western union outlet ($4,000 3-times a week until the successful transfer
completion to you), having complied with the Western Union terms and
conditions as regards its charges.

When emailing, include the (Ref # 250-33) for security reasons.
Waiting urgently.
Western Union Money Transfer
**Customer Service**
Nigeria Office: +234 80 2666 1045
Head Office (USA)+447011130185

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