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My Dear Friend,

How are you and How is your family, I hope that everything
goes well, I am Mrs. Habibb Abdul, my best wishes And it is
with a heart full of despair that I am writing to seek your consent to
conduct humanitarian projects, because I suffer
from advanced cancer that prevents me from realizing my
dreams. My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered
because of my health is degrading. My marital status is such
that I have no husband.

My husband Eng:Azizz Abdul a Benghazi-Libya citizen, of
glorious and blessed memory who was an engineer consultant in
the Republic of Benin for twelve years he who was shot death
by Islamist-linked militia within the anti-Gaddafi forces on
28th July, 2011, and I have no children to whom I could leave
my legacy .

That's why I want to Send these some of money to
you(€4.200.000) Four Million Two Hundred Thousand Euro, so that you
can use it to help the poor, homeless and Widows.So
if you feel you can give these poor children and poor women a
glimmer of hope and joy then made sure to know your opinion.
This mission Is what i want you to realize that this have been
my ambition and my personal dream, but for health reasons I am
not capable to do it by myself, that why i contact you, whom I
can have complete confidence. I count on your goodwill and
especially your commitment.

I want you to know that the money you are about to receive
from a dying woman who is currently in Hospital , you make
good use of it,by using it to bless others poor (such is my
dearest wish at this time).If you are willing to help the poor children
and poor woman please Kindly Reply me Back fast at
( As soon as you send a mail to me,
kindly call my private doctor in his direct telephone number
+229 68-37-26-32 to let him know that you sent me a mail.So

that i can put you in Direct contact with my Doctor.
I and will like you to send to me urgently in receipt of this
message the information’s as I write below to my private email

1 Your Full Name:
2. Your complete address:
3. Your age
4.Your occupation and position
5.A scan copy of your international passport/ ID CARD
6.Your direct telephone number
7.Your private Email address

make sure you reply through my private email:
+229 68-37-26-32
Thanks and God Bless you
Mrs. Habibb Abdul
University Teaching Hospital
Benin Republic

NOTE: Due to poor network service Here You may receive
this Notification
as junk/spam

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