Saturday, 18 January 2014

+2348068677949 = Scam

Attn: To whom it may concern,

Happy New Year,this is a very long message i write,but I pray
that you will have the patience to read and study it.My
intention is to prevent you from further exploitation.As a
result, this contract inheritance payment became trapped in
the Fraud detective Unit of Central Bank of Nigeria,All the
files and documents were confiscated by this Fraud Unit.

When this happened, impostors and fraud syndicates through
their agents who have access to this information capitalized
on this opportunity to take advantage of you by impersonating
real, rightful and honest officials and government
institutions, Ministries, Agencies to defraud and extort
monies under false pretenses from you.

For example, these impostors and their syndicates pose as if
they were Central Bank Governor of Nigeria, Deputy Governor of
CBN, Director of Int'l Remittance Department, some pose as
Minister of Finance, as Accountant-General of the Federation.
Worse still, some pose as the Executive President of Nigeria,
as Vice President of Nigeria, as Senate President, as Speaker
of the House of Representatives, as Secretary to Nigerian
Government as heads and chief executives of Federal Government
of Nigerian parastatals, institutions and agencies and some
pose as World Bank and IMF officials in Nigeria. Not only
these, they also pose as prime commercial banks in Nigeria.

Do you know that 75% of all the different letters/approvals
but normally from the same officials /offices you receive
everyday in connection with this transaction either by mail or
fax or phone and Currier service are fake from these impostors.

One of the greatest problems we discovered is that you and
other contractors who are claiming their entitlements in
Nigeria are facing is the difficulty of identifying, knowing
and differentiating the impostors from the genuine,legitimate,
rightful and honest officials.

I want to make it clear to you that there are lots of
impostors and fraud syndicates who capitalized on their access
and knowledge of unclaimed contract information to cheat and
defraud unsuspecting and innocent foreign and even their local
contractors. However I am not writing to take advantage of you
but I stand here to tell you the truth.

We wonder how you people believe that a whole President of a
country or his Vice or Senate President or Minister of Finance
or Central Bank Governor will come down so low to call a
contractor on phone, to talk about his contract inheritance
payment or even going to the length of giving you his hot line
number. This is ridiculous! Can the PRESIDENT of your country
do that? Can the Central Bank Governor?.

To show you how important this is I had to write this letter
to you personally so that no one reads it. I am ready to help
you and without me they will simply use you because your file
has being confiscated due to this development. I want to hear
your side of the story before I move on as I have basic things
you need to get this fund ASAP on every confidential
level,Call me on +2348068677949,If you received this message.


Dr. Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu,
Deputy Governor, Financial System Stability
Central Bank of Nigeria. 

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