Wednesday, 15 January 2014 4049376379 = Scam

Attn: Consignee.

I am the head asset Recovery Programme (ARP) Atlanta International Airport. A forfeited Suitcase from a secured Shipping Company traceable to Africa was brought to our facility today and When scanned it is estimated that the suitcase contains valuable cash between $4.5 to $5 Million Dollars. The Suitcase was forfeited by the secured delivery Company because there is a restraining order against the release since it is not properly

There is a de-congestion exercise going on here in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ( ATL ) area port of entry. The de-congestion exercise is expected to remove all the bottlenecks causing delay of consignment clearance at the port and open up spaces for terminal operators to drop laden consignments for customs officers to carry out easy and fast clearance of goods. Because of space constraint we have devised strategy on managing traffic both outside and within the port premises. All Consignments and luggage have been handed over to a secured Courier Company to deliver straight to the beneficiary.

Your Cash Consignment has been deposited to Speedway Courier Service as Personal effect to avoid diversion. The Courier Company does not know is cash and it is declared personal effect so that they will not divert it on transit. This Courier Company is a UK based Company and they are the Original freight forwarder.

Please contact the Courier Company quoting your consignment serial Number; XX/20010/CL0881.

Contact Person: Mr. Charles J. Colocino.
Tele Call: 4049376379

They will request your details before they will proceed with the dispatch.


Mr.Robert B Spohn

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