Sunday, 5 January 2014


COCA-COLA HEADQUARTERS: 1 Coca Cola Plz NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA
Coca-Cola Prize Administrative Department
Sweepstakes & eGames Payment Verification Center

COCA-COLA CLAIM #: FC4/US/9LSZ, BATCH NO: L 10959105 7 613033010372 & Reference Code: 13066753
Happy New Year Winner!
Your Email address has won ($1,000, 000.00 USD) In Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary / Consumers Awards. The entire staff and the board of directors of American Coca-Cola Headquarters from Atlanta – Georgia of the United States are happy to inform you that your e-mail address has been selected as one of the lucky winner of ($1,000, 000.00 USD) in this 2013 Edition of Coca-Cola Consumers International Electronic E-mail Awards held and just concluded in Atlanta Georgia, USA.
Note; no ticket was sold and also there were no contestants in this award program. But your email address and other Coca-Cola consumers' email addresses from all over the world was extracted by Internet Service Providers (ISP) of every countries through consumers' Internet Protocol Addresses (IP Addresses) respectively. This program was conducted through computer ballot system and your email address was randomly selected and it was among the 100 lucky winners. Count yourself very lucky to be part of this program, and just to remind you, you are the only beneficiary from South Asia.
• You are to fill and submit the below verification form to the Coca-Cola prize administrator Dr. Michael Gates) for the release of your funds. Note, there will be no delay in receiving your payment from the company, just fill-up the blank spaces below and forward it to :
*This Coca-Cola e-mail Lottery is approved by the United States Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IA-GR). *You are expected to respond to this notification within 14 days otherwise you will be disqualified and the prize will be re-allocated to another eligible entrant.
You may or might have received similar e-mails from other people in this manner portraying to be other Organizations or Coca Cola Company. In any event that you receive an e-mail similar to this notification, kindly delete it from your mail box and give no further correspondence to such person or entity. You have been urged to send your personal details in this email address below. Do not make mistake while typing the below Email Address:

1. Full Name:
2. Full Address:
3. Country:
4. State/ City:
5. Zip/ Pin Code:
6. Mobile/ Tel Number:
7. Marital Status:
8. Gender:
9. Date of Birth/ Age:
10. Occupation:
11. I understood that my Award Prize have been issued to me in Bank Cheque & it should be paid to me by (choose A or B option):
11A. Bank Swift Transfer: (This option, I admit that my Bank Cheque should be processed and transferred into any international bank in India so that they would help to remit it in my personal account): Agree or Not?
11B. Courier Delivery: (This option, I admit that my Bank Cheque should be delivered to me in my country through an Accredited U.S Government Diplomat) Agree or Not?
12. Fill your Bank details in the field below only if your option is Bank Swift Transfer.
ACCOUNT TYPE (Current or Savings):
(Fill other information such as Swift Code, Pan Card, IFSC Code, IBAN Number, Routing Number, Sort Code, etc. Separate with commas(,).)
13. Have you been awarded Before: Yes Or No?
For inquiry kindly contact the Company’s Advocate via:
This Promotion is sponsored by Coca-Cola Headquarters, 1 Coca Cola Plz NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, U.S.A.
The Promotion begins at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time ("ET"), January 3rd, 2014 and shall ends at 11:59 p.m. ET, February 2nd, 2014 (the "Promotion Period"). Administrator’s computer is the official time-keeping device for this Promotion.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Leonel Powell.
The Regional Manager
Coca-Cola Enterprises (Public Company) 

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