Wednesday, 31 August 2011 = Scam


My name is Mr Anax Kamoka, I am writing you from West
Africa. I got your contact while searching for a foreign partner who will
assist me to invest abroad.
I am an Congolese national. I am looking for an overseas business
partner/investor to assist me move and invest $35,000,000
My late father, Chief Oworioko Kamoka, was killed by rebel fighters in
who were fighting for control of diamond mines. My late father was a
diamond winner/merchant and a senior chief. He was killed together with my
elder brother. As a local diamond winner my father was not involved in
diamond export but sold his diamond to foreign merchants who make exports.
As a result of increasing rebel attacks and war in my country, he moved all
his money and other valuables out of my country to Accra- Ghana for
safekeeping in a safe keeping company and registered it as family
I am the only surviving member of my family and have inherited the money
and other valuables. I am now the beneficiary of my father's wealth and my
plan now is to move all the money out of here to overseas and invest it
there, because I do not wish to invest the money here in my country,
because of the unstable political and economic situation in Africa.
There are problems making it difficult for me to move the money overseas on
my own alone. These problems are as follows:
1. I am inexperienced to manage the vast domains of the business World and
due to the fact that I have had no previous experience in the Commercial/
Banking Sector.
2). I have never been abroad before and have no business or private contact
overseas, and other logistic reasons to handle the big fund alone. I am in
need of a Guardian / Manager that will arrange for my re-establishment in
his country of residence and fully integrate me into his society. If you can
render your total support to me by assisting me to relocate to your
country, We will enter into a business agreement that will safeguard later
Investments and please do include your Phone number so that we can
Interact confidentially.
Reply to me directly on this email

Please if you are interested do get back to me with the following details
1, your full name
2, your phone contact
Yours Sincerely,
Anax Kamoka

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