Wednesday, 31 August 2011

+229-9645-3165 or 00229-9645-3165 = Scam

Attn, Valued Customer.

Breaking News to you, this is official inform you that the higher authorities in charge for every international transaction with African government has declared this month of August 2011, that every international beneficially Payment files been delay should receive their total fund of US$10.5Million now through DIAMOND BANK PLC HEADQUARTER BENIN. And the arrangement has been made on your name to receive your payment through the Diamond Bank of Benin and the Federal High Justice here also obtain all the proper document that will help you to claim your total fund direct into your banking account in your country.

However, i went to Diamond Bank PLC headquarter to discuss this transaction with the bank director as it's has not been delivered to you, and he told me that your fund can be transferred to you via direct wire transfer(KTT) into your bank account you operating in country. We therefore instructed to inform you contact Diamond Bank PLC Benin Republic with bellow contact information listed outline, and provide your bank information to the Director General, Dr. John White, who is imposition to transfer your total funds of US$10.5Million into personal account as programmed.

CONTACT DIAMOND BANK PLC, INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT DEPARTMENT AT LOCATED. Contact person: Dr. John White, Director General of Diamond Bank PLC Benin. Email address: Bank Telephone No. : +229-9645-3165 or 00229-9645-3165 /// +229-9645-3165

The Diamond Bank PLC headquarter has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any African Offices to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment this time into your bank account as programmed in 48hours express KTT. and make sure you comply with every instruction from Dr. John White if you prefer to have your payment transfer to you as assigned by World Bank Award Payment for 2011 programmed.

Best regard,
CEO, Mrs. Mary Egbo, Authorization Minister News
World Bank of Africa Section-1 Benin headquarter

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