Saturday, 20 August 2011

+229 66315225 = Scam

Oceanic Bank Benin Plc
Cotonou, Benin Republic

Atm/Master Card Payments Unit

Notification of payment by ATM Master Credit Card:

Attention:Beneficiary ,

I am Sir Rev Dr.Johnson Williams Director, ATM Payment Dept.Oceanic Bank Benin. This is to inform you that your files application to this office for the release of your Atm Master card of ($4,900,000.00MILLION USD) was well received along with the details as required from WESTERN UNION for the immediate despatchment of your Atm Master Card,You will use your ATM Master card to withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, The maximum is Fify Thousand United State Dollars per day.

Note::the $95.00 for administrative, processing and handling fees.The reason for the for administrative, processing and handling that the account has been there for a long time while the government was doing serious investigations on the right owner of the money before this conclusion was made.So the $95.00 for administrative, processing and handling fees.must be send via western union money transfer to enable us send the Atm Master Credit Card to your house address as you provide.

You will be required to send the $95 via western union money transfer on the below name and informations.

Receiver::::::::: Mr.JOHN O.NGO
Country:::::::::: Benin Repulic
City:::::::::::::::::: Cotonou
Question:::::::::: how long
Answer::::::::::::: today

Once you ad here to the above instructions,your atm master card will be delivered to your location address in your country without much delay.Call with this for the information +229 66315225 for more explain

Your 's in Service,
Rev Dr. Johnson Udo.
Director, ATM Payment Department
Oceanic Bank Cotonou Benin Republic

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