Thursday, 2 January 2014

+221 7655 92 863 = Scam

Hello Dearest one,

How are you today hope you are well sounded in good health if so thank
God. I want you to know that if you help me with honesty and sincerity
that i will be very happy, Honey after the death of my late father my
uncle started maltreating me,he seize all the properties that my
father has in my country and wanted me to join prostitution,he wanted
me to give him the document that my late father use in depositing the
money before i got a help from one Rev father and came in Dakar
Senegal where i stay as a refugee and live with room mate. my dear i
am really suffering here, In this my condition i dont think that
telling lies will do anything for me,but i have to let you know all
that i am passing through,

I find it difficult to eat,if i should tell you that i have been
putting on one cloth for over three days now you will never believe
me,i want to become every thing for you and i want you to put me into
your heart to make me happy forever, and wipe away my tears and my
situation i am passing through now.

honey why i want you to contact the bank so that they can transfer my
late fathers fund to your account,is that,last time i contact the
bank regarding the transfer,They told me that they cannot deal with me
do to my refugee status that i should contact my partner or any of my
relation or my late father business partner who will stand and claim
the money,my dear i have any one neither do i have any of my relation
who will help me.I lost my mother when i was 4 years old,i am the only
kids of my mum,that is why i am advising you to stand for me in this
transfer as my blood and my flesh and contact the bank so that they
can give you the information and the procedure on how they can
transfer the money into your account,So after the money transfer into
your account,Then you come over to pick me or you send me some money
to prepare my passport to come over and meet with you for better life
together with you,
or if you can first help me to come over your country and meet with
you so that when i am with you both of us can join hands together and
do the transfer,i will also happy,

Honey there is no hope that my uncle has taken over my father hard
earned asset without considering me,Is only this fund that remain
now,and that is my hope,please keep in mind to help me because I have
so much love to complete my education in your country,The fund will be
management by you till when i return to school,
I go straight to the point I am mailing you from the office of rev
father in the field I trust him, I explained a little about my
situation with him,before he gave me access to his computer to mail
two times a day just to help me because I told him that i will leave
the camp as soon as possible, but first I have to get the funds
transferred into you account as my foreign partner and my body, Honey
please if only you are honest and kind to my situation and help me
with all sincerity in your heart this is Rev Fathers Number reception
office phone

+221 7655 92 863

His name is Rev father Paul Anthony,
when you call tell him that you want to speak to

Ms Gladys Williams girl from Sierra Leone in the camp 2c

tell him you want to speak to me,then he will sent for me.
i have no access of income here to make call .
i am now Senegal Dakar.

I like you to send me their most comprehensive data
(1) your home address ---------------
(2) your full name --------------------------
(3) your telephone number ----------------
(4) your fax number ------------------------------
(5) to your country of residence ---------------- on receipt of this
email i will forward to you all the contact of the Bank where this
Money is deposited by my late father for you to make contact with them
and ask them the possibility of releasing the fund to your account, i
am looking forward to read from you.


yours sincerely


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