Wednesday, 16 October 2013 = Scam

My name Dr. Aboubakary Sarki ,Iam the Minister in charge of Fishery and Live stock Cameroon. Your company was recommended to by Cameroon chambers of commerce and industry marine division. I am planning to release a tender for the award of contract supply of 10 units of fishing boats for Cameroon Limbe fishing project in republic of Cameroon Africa, so I am looking for a company
that has ability to work with me and my committee on this project. I want you to recommend a design for us and also assist us to raise the specification we will use as our tender specimen for the release of this tender and award of this contract.
This project is a contract to tender and it is coming up from Cameroon ministry of livestock and fishery. This contract was prepared to full-fill one of the pledges made by the Presidency during the presidential election held on October 2011.
The contract committee has been commissioned to take up this project, the fund released and I am the Chairman appointed to lead this contract committee to see the successful realization of the project and the has given me power to award this contract not to the lowest bidder but to any company registered as a local contractor with the Ministry whom I deem fit to execute the contract effectively.
In the meeting held last week by my
tender committee, the committee agreed that I should negotiate with a capable contractor that specialized on boat or ship building activities so that the company will join us(committee) to manage the tender and we will award this contract to the company. My main reason for contacting you to work with me and my committee in managing this project is for you to prepare the proposal (design and specification) which we have to use as our specimen for the release of this tender, award and execution of this contract. The second reason is my personal interest which I will discuss with you as soon as I receive your reply.
If your company is capable for this project then let me know and we will discuss further.
Attached you will see the sample of the boat design and dimension that will assist you recommend a boat design and specification for us which will be within the ranges from 10m to 20m or within 20 to 35m . I will give you the opportunity to recommend any vessel that is within this range.
Ring me to discuss further information that will assist you build the specification and procedure for the tender.
Dr. Aboubakary Saakri
Minister Livestock and fishery
Contact Email:

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