Monday, 14 October 2013 = Scam

We have been mandated to recover the entire outstanding unpaid fund
being owed to Governments, companies and Individuals all over the
world through contracts, Inheritance and Lottery Winning Prize Awards.
However, In a consented agreement with World Bank and the
International Monetary Fund (IMF),the INTERNATIONAL DEBTS RECOVERY AND
PAYMENT RECONCILIATION BUREAU, has been appointed to foresee all
pending stalled fund payments and we're also responsible for
investigating all scam reports, the legitimacy of contracts,
inheritance and lotto winning claims by companies and individuals and
directs the paying authorities (Banks) worldwide to make immediate
payment of verified claims to the beneficiaries without further delay
or hitch.

So, be advised that a special payment arrangement has been made to
pay all the unpaid beneficiaries through our newly established payment
Center in Europe, South Africa and Ghana. As a matter of fact, you
have been selected and your name was short-listed among other
beneficiaries to benefit from this newly invented payment program for
all unpaid beneficiaries all over the world to receive their unpaid
fund payment in this quarter.

We have therefore, forwarded your Payment file to our payment
Center in Africa, to commence the release process of your fund
payment. Therefore, in order to affirm the legitimacy of this payment
release process, you are therefore required to visit our payment
Centers in Africa or Europe to ensure the legality and authenticity of
this payment process. Your presence will surely justify that this very
arrangement is indeed genuine.

Note: that you're not expected to pay any upfront fee before you
visit our payment center in Africa or Europe, for any official process
before your
fund payment will be officially released and paid to you. It has also
RECONCILIATION BUREAU, will handle all processes legitimately to
assist beneficiaries to receive their payments.

Be also informed that as soon as you meet with the officials in
our payment center and conclude the endorsement/signing of your
payment release documents, you'll be guided immediately by the
officials on how you will proceed to the bank for immediate release of
your payment.

You're also advised to send urgently your full names, Address and
contact phone number to enable us vet them and prepare your payment
schedule, and send to you immediately because there is no time left.

Finally, you're advised to contact this office immediately and
re-confirm to us your direct telephone number, if you're okay with
this arrangement so that we can direct you on the next line of action.

We look forward to your earliest response.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. John Pedro
INTL Debts Recovery &
Payment Reconciliation Bureau

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