Sunday, 13 October 2013 + 44 770 003 3808 = Scam

Your sincere attention is most urgently required to this sensitive issues:

With all due respect and sincere humility to the below facts,

In another development, i am indeed very much pleased to officially
inform you that we have collectively/unanimously agreed to remit your
payment having investigated and critically examined the circumstance
through and by which your payment was subjected to delays due to
unprofessional and lack of administrative skill acquisition by those
dubious and corrupt officials assigned to release your funds.

I must be very honest with you because i am a Christian and i respect
God and human in all entirety, it was basically to sanitize the
payment system that i was called upon to handle this payment scheme
because of my administrative records and decent family background.
After it was discovered that a lot of you foreigners and crying over
the kind of treatment you have received from the hands of fraud-stars
and Imposters, and because i stand as an apostle of truth.

I also want to let you know that i am not here to play about people
and their intelligent rather, i am commissioned for serious business
and that business is to carefully examine all details of outstanding
beneficiary and recommend them to the appropriate authority for
payment, it is rather unfortunate that those criminals has cursed this
nation a great deal of stigmatization by bringing so much pains to you
through their illicit dealings.

The truth of the matter is that we need to re-validate your payment
files and fax each copies to (Equity Capital Security Vault) Michigan,
USA with copy of recommendation/authorization letter to instruct
them to Deliver your approved/allocated scam victim
compensation sum (US$ 500,000.00 Only) allocated as compensation to
each affected scam victim,this amount shall be disbursed in a proportional
measure to the number of affected beneficiaries and each person is
entitled to the above stated amount.

More so, as mentioned above, we are mandated to pay every one through our
corresponding intermediary Office in Michigan, USA (BELLS GLOBAL SECURITY VAULT)
THROUGH Cash Delivery payment method to avoid administrative protocols,
hence we shall work out modalities in close communication with the
said corresponding intermediary payment vault with your sincere
co-operation,to effectively deliver the said approved/allocated
amount to your country of origin, but perhaps these can only be effective
upon fulfilling the required obligations as stipulated in the context of
the payment under the appropriation bill as endorsed by the United Nations
organization for Scam Victim Consolidation.

At this juncture therefore permit me to implore you to the fact that
you are expected to perform all due diligence in other to avoid
infringement on your civil right of inheritance, in your next letter
you are required to kindly support your claim with a scan copy of your
international passport or any valid copy of identification card for
authentication and accreditation purposes.

You can always reach me on Direct Telephone + 44 770 003 3808 for oral discussion
OR Private email: ( )

Mrs.Kathleen Morgan
UK Treasury Administrator
To Her Majesty Queen Council

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