Friday, 23 December 2011 = Scam

From Mr. Malik Al Hassan Investment/Legal AdviserTo Mr. Saif Al GaddafiTripoli Libya. Attention:Sir,Re: Transfer of funds for Investment My name is Malik Al Hassan, I am the Investment/Legal Adviser to Mr. Saif Al Gaddafi, son of the deposed Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi. I had to contact you because of an urgent need to secure the money in my possession before the rebels get hold of it. Presently I am out of Libya with the fund and will like you to stand as an Investment Partner to receive and secure this money. I am holding in trust $25m for Mr. Saif Gaddafi and another $35m recently transferred into my secret account by some associates before the rebels took over Libya and over run the Gaddafi family. This money is under my custody and in a secret account outside LFrom Mr. Malik Al HassanInvestment/Legal AdviserTo Mr. Saif Al GaddafiTripoli Libya. I will arrange for the transfer once you have indicated interest to work with me and receive this fund. There is absolutely no risk involved and the Gaddafi family does not have any information about these funds. All my accounts in Libya has been frozen except my secret account outside Libya where this $60m is domiciled now. Contact me by email: immediately so I will give you details of how this will work out. We have to do this immediately and consolidate the fund before the rebels establish their Government. Trustfully Mr. Malik Al Hassan

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