Friday, 23 December 2011 = Scam

hello my name is michael anderson,i work and live in texas as a civil engineer i just moved in around august and i'm a lover of horse. i got your email address from guest book and i felt i should write you on this. i believe we are one big family as we all love these pets with our dear heart. when you seem to abandon them, they really don't care how balance you are when you ride them and the more you shouw you care, that more they make sure they don't hurt you too. i just need a good friend, someone i could trust so much.i have couple of horses at my house back london and i'm currently in dubai on a contract, i will be here till around may next year and i really need someone i could trust that will help me get in contact with my horse keeper cos i have not payed him in months. and i feel i've abandoned those lovely pets back there. i don't mind issuing a check to you then you could help me cash it and send the money over to him in london. i really need you trust and sincearity on this. and i hope we could make good friends and get to know eachother better and hook up when i get back to the states next year. please get back to me on my personal email( as soon as possible. my horses are my babies...i need a friend to help me get in touch with them. Thank you so much and God bless you michael

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