Monday, 26 December 2011 = Scam

Dear Pal, I do hope my email meets you in good health. I am Ltc. Hank Newton an American soldier still in Iraq. I am writing to ask your agreement as the custodian/Investor of an asset value of $25 Million that we are transferring out of this country. My partner and I are in need of a good partner someone we can trust to actualize this venture and got your contact information. The money is from oil proceeds and legal. But we are transferring it through a diplomatic means to your house directly or a safe and secured location of your choice, via the safe passage of a diplomatic courier. The question is can I trust you? If you're agreeable get yourself a deal and reply to my private Email: Once you receive the funds, you are to take an awesome reward of 30% and custody our part for further instruction on whether you're shrewd enough in our assessment to invest our share. Your part of the deal is being the trustful custodian to these funds and endeavor to observe utmost confidentiality and be rest assured that this transaction is risk free and most profitable to us all because we shall require your assistance to invest our share. Upon receiving your reply, I will then furnish you with a more comprehensive detail of this transaction and what is required of you. Please reply only to my private Email: We are sorry we cannot call you on the telephone for security reason due to control, if you have a web cam, then we can have a face-to-face meeting to discuss. I await your urgent reply. Yours sincerely, Ltc. Hank Newton

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